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The Concrete Centre - Collaborative Activities

In October 2005, The Concrete Centre's Education & Training department launched The Concrete Centre Academic Partnership Programme for Engineering with fifteen University Civil and Structural Engineering Departments. The objectives of this programme are to develop teaching and learning resources for undergraduate and postgraduate courses; to support and/or facilitate research; to encourage interest and raise competence in designing with concrete through competitions, workshops and summer schools; and to disseminate findings, learning tools and other outputs to all interested universities in the UK. The programme partners are the Engineering Departments of Heriot Watt, Edinburgh, Dundee, Sheffield, Liverpool, Imperial College, UCL, Cardiff, City, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Leeds.

As the Concrete Centre lecturer, activities will be carried out to assist the objectives of The Concrete Centre Academic Partnership Programme. Examples of such activities are listed in the following.

Virtual Learning Environment

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a software system designed to facilitate teachers in the management of educational courses for their students, especially by helping teachers and learners with course administration. The system can often track the learners' progress, which can be monitored by both teachers and learners. While often thought of as primarily tools for distance education, they are most often used to supplement the face-to-face classroom.

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LMS Options and Comparisons

Virtual Laboratories

A Virtual Laboratory for concrete and reinforced concrete testing will give the possibility to students and teachers to access a information on  testing procedures and methodologies as well as interactive tests on small and medium scale specimens so as to experience first hand the true response of concrete under a variety of loading conditions. Such a tool, being envisioned as directly accessible via the internet and dynamically evolving, will become an invaluable resource to facilitate and stimulate active learning.

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Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory
Virtual Concrete Laboratory

Learning Resources

CALcrete is a comprehensive suite of 16 computer aided e-learning modules on concrete materials, design and construction, containing essential material and information for all construction professionals - from architects to site engineers.

COMPACT is a suite of computer-aided learning programs covering 11 topics on concrete technology and the design of concrete structures to EC2, where appropriate. Produced primarily for undergraduate use, the interactive programs use high quality photographs and graphics to present teaching material in an easily absorbed and interesting manner. Several of the modules, particularly on reinforced concrete design, will also appeal to graduate engineers wishing to familiarise themselves with EC2.

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